Java The Complete Reference 8th Edition(English, Paperback, Herb Schildt)

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Java The Complete Reference 8th Edition(English, Paperback, Herb Schildt)

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Java: The Complete Reference provides a comprehensive coverage of the Java programming language for beginners and professionals in the subject. Summary Of The Book Java is a widely used language in the computer industry. Its importance and influence is strongly felt as it’s still the first and best choice when it comes to writing programs for developing web-based applications. It’s used not only across PCs and laptops, but also in smartphones. Android programming, for instance, uses Java. This edition of Java: The Complete Reference comes about as a result of the language’s dynamic nature. Java regularly undergoes change and upgradation, primarily for the purpose of keeping up with the new and ever-changing demands of the computing world. The release of this new edition reflects this dynamism. The book has a large intended audience, catering to the needs of both the inexperienced and professional programmers. The fundamental aspects of Java are covered in sufficient detail so that the beginner doesn’t get lost in the subject matter. And at the same time, the professional is provided with a coverage of the more advanced features of Java. Java: The Complete Reference is a handy manual that contains the fundamental programming principles, keywords, and syntax generally used when writing programs based on Java. It consists of four parts, and in each part a different area of the subject is emphasized. There are thirty four chapters in all, some of the chapters being An Overview of Java, The History and Evolution of Java, Introducing Classes, Data Types, Variables, and Arrays, String Handling, Networking, Exploring NIO, Introducing the AWT: Working with Windows, Graphics, and Text, Java Beans, Servlets, and Financial Applets and Servlets. About Herbert Schildt Herbert Schildt is a programmer, musician, and an author. He is the author of C# 3.0: A Beginner’s Guide, C# 4.0: The Complete Reference, Teach Yourself C++, Java Fundamentals, The Complete Reference C++, Java Programming: A Comprehensive Introduction, and Swing: A Beginner’s Guide. Herbert exhibits a clear style of writing in his books, some of which have gone on to feature on several bestseller lists. Herbert Schildt is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has been a member of important committees, such as the ANSI committee, and during important times such as when the C and C++ languages were standardized in 1989 and 1998 respectively. When not studying and writing about computer languages, Herbert Schildt plays the keyboard for a progressive rock band called Starcastle.
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